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Motorized Shades


There are many functions and tasks that a user can achieve with motorization from The Right Track. Depending upon the system you order, those functions include:

  • Individual Control - With the press of a button a user can control each motorized shade in a room individually

  • Group Control - With the press of a button a user can control all shades in a room as one group

  • Sub-Group Control - With the press of a button a user can control smaller groups of shades or "sub-groups" in a room. For example, this is useful in the morning when the user may want to close just those shades that have a strong eastern sun exposure, but leave the other shades up to enjoy the view.

  • Pre-Set Drop Points (Intermediate Stops) - With the press of button a user can drop all motorized shades in a room to exactly the same pre-determined point, ¼ of the way down, half way down, ¾ of the way down, etc. All shades will instantly drop to the exact same pre-determined point(s) every time.

  • Scene Setting - With the press of a button a user can drop different shades to different drop points, for the purpose of creating a more dramatic effect. As an example, for an evening dinner party held in a room with many windows, shades at either end of a wall would drop all of the way down, and the remaining shades halfway down. The combinations of shades and drop points are limited only by the homeowner's imagination.

  • Timers - With timers from The Right Track there is no need to press any buttons! Pre-programing allows the shades to raise and lower at the same times every day, and even raise and lower randomly while the homeowner is away on vacation.


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remote control blinds, motorized draperyThe highly popular Panel Track is a stylish way to cover sliding glass doors and walls with multiple windows. It can also function as an attractive room divider.
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